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Dr. Patrick Gentempo's TRANSFORM series is one of the most widely used and highly regarded success libraries in chiropractic today. Now, Action Potential Holdings is thrilled to announce the release of... TRANSFORM II

All Transform presentations come loaded on a USB storage device and can be easily uploaded and viewed on any device you choose.

Read this important message from Dr. Gentempo

Dr. Patrick Gentempo,
CEO, Action Potential Holdings
From: Patrick Gentempo, Jr., D.C.
CEO | Action Potential Holdings, Inc.
Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2024
Subject:   Transform your practice and life.

Are you updating your success library?

Dear Colleague,

I've studied and have taught the elements of success my entire career. It is sort of paradoxical... there are fundamentals that never change and there are other aspects that constantly change...

Here's one success principle that has stood the test of time - ALL successful people have a SUCCESS LIBRARY. This would include pivotal books they've read, audios, videos and other sources that stimulate motivation, positive mindset and creativity.

As a part of my intake process for my high-level mastermind that I've run for over 10 years (Ultimate Achievers Club), I inquire as to what books and materials have had the most impact on the candidate. It tells you a lot about the person. Truly helps define them.

How would you answer that question? What 'success library' items have had the most impact on your thinking? Have helped to shape you? Let me share some of mine...

My success library has been aggregated for many years now. In it, I have every possible type of media - books, videos, audios, articles, essays, you name it. If you were to ask me, what books had influenced my success most, it would be a tough question. There are literally hundreds... but the first 2 that come to mind? Think and Grow Rich (which I re-read often) and Atlas Shrugged (which I've read at least 10 times). And there are many others. In chiropractic, Stephenson's 1927 Chiropractic Textbook certainly stands out for me. What else?

I have audios and videos from decades of presentations by Sid Williams, Jim Parker, Larry Markson (Larry's stuff really helped shape me), Sigafoose, all the DE speakers, all the Cal Jams, many years of Parker Seminars, and more.

Curating your success library is a CRITICAL function. I know this may sound like bragging, but at this point I've earned the right to say it... I've got as much success experience as any living chiropractor. I am certainly not the only one who has 'seen it all' - I am simply one of the guys (or gals) that has spent decades working with DCs worldwide, innovating technology, speaking on all the major platforms, building multiple multi-million dollar companies, etc. All this to say, I know how to curate for the chiropractor...

Now, I have curated a very powerful addition for your success library - TRANSFORM II

With Transform II, I've gone into my more recent ideas and presentations that I have seen move the needle for thousands of DCs worldwide. Live presentations such as, Your Stand is Your Brand (soon to be a book published by Hay House), Bring The Fire, and Finding Your Miles Davis. You can't help but transform and grow after hearing these. There are many new offerings in the Transform II package, a list of which you can find below.

My vision for Transform II is simple...

I want to see Transform II in your success library as a constant "go-to" resource and I want it to have massive and lasting impact on your success. And further, I want to see it upgrade your staff by having them experience these videos also.

Plus you should know, you pay for it once (I have great introductory special pricing) and you own it forever.

In closing, I invite you to say YES to Transform II. It is affordable to any practice and easy to implement. Say yes to adding success habits and disciplines into your life that keep you motivated, creative and growing. I know I am biased, but getting a little Transform II into your life is one of the most important actions you can take to assure your future success. And with the special pricing and substantial bonuses I am offering, now's the time to do it.

Think BIG.

With purpose,

Patrick Gentempo, Jr., D.C.


The Transform II Success Library Contents

Your Stand is Your Brand
(video edition - Live from Cal Jam)

The concept in this presentation is so original and inspiring that Hay House publishers have purchased the book rights to it. Dr. Gentempo is under contract with them and writing the book. Figuring out your stand and making it your brand is a true game-changer. According to Dr. Gentempo, this one concept, when applied to just one of his business entities, resulted in millions of dollars of revenue in a year. It is powerful. It is practical. It is transformative.

The Clean Slate Process (*NEW*)
(video edition - studio version)

Dr. Gentempo has spoken extensively on "letting go to rise". Too often, when people are wanting to grow and get to the next level, they are dragging too much garbage from the past with them. Dr. Gentempo is a master at getting people to 'clean the slate' so that growth can be easier than they imagined. Take in this video and shed the weight... you'll never look back!

Bring The Fire
(video edition - Live from Cal Jam)

Hailed by many as one of Dr. Gentempo's best presentations, "Bring The Fire" solidifies the mindset you need to possess when the going gets tough and it's time to achieve! Find out what it means to go "All IN" and how it can instantly transform your outcomes. Bring The Fire is one of those presentations that you will visit over and over again.

Relationship Secrets for Chiro Couples (*NEW*)
(video edition - studio version)

At Dr. Gentempo's UAC mastermind, he and his wife Laurie did a session on best-practices for couples who are business owners and live the chiropractic lifestyle. The appetite and response for this information was startling! He and Laurie then proceeded to do some sessions with their chiropractic Philosophy Formula group... and again, there was an intense demand and appreciation for this content. So, Patrick and Laurie Gentempo have created, specially for the Transform II Success Library, a special video entitled - Relationship Secrets for Chiro Couples. Watch this one with you significant other because success in your relationship is the foundation for success in your life.

Finding Your Miles Davis
(video edition - Live from Cal Jam)

What has become a signature theme for Dr. Gentempo, Finding Your Miles Davis gets to the heart of 'who to be' before you know 'what to do'. In this legendary presentation, Dr. Gentempo shares a personal story that was his Eureka! Moment that not only impacted his life, but has helped to transform chiropractors throughout the world.

The Scientific and Intellectual Basis for Chiropractic - Part 1
(video edition - studio version)

In order to have complete success, the scientific and intellectual basis for chiropractic must be mastered! Dr. Gentempo is known for a lot of things, but his superpower is his ability to integrate the philosophy, science, art, clinical and business practice of chiropractic in a congruent way. A favorite quote of Dr. Gentempo's comes from Ayn Rand: "Contradictions lead to destruction. The amount of destruction is relative to the level of the contradiction." Trying to integrate all these dimensions of the chiropractic experience leads to all sorts of destructive contradictions that inhibit success. Plug into this presentation and be wowed as Dr. Gentempo puts it all together for you. This is decades of thinking and research assembled and served up on a silver platter.

The Scientific and Intellectual Basis for Chiropractic - Part 2
(video edition - studio version)

This is "part 2" of this epic presentation the literally lays down the foundation for why your practice exists. As stated above, in order to have complete success, the scientific and intellectual basis for chiropractic must be mastered!

The Philosophy of Money
(video edition - studio version)

This is the topic none of us can ever get enough of! It requires eternal vigilance. In this presentation, Dr. Gentempo reviews the critical premises that must be sorted out around money in order for you to earn, preserve and grow your wealth.

The Philosophy of Opportunity versus Distraction
(video edition - studio version)

How many times have you chased blinky-shiny things only to spend a bunch of money and never getting a benefit? Yeah, that's pretty much all of us. Imagine if you have a framework to distinguish opportunity from distraction... wouldn't that be a game-changer? In this video, Dr. Gentempo reveals his strategy for distinguishing opportunity from distraction so you can stay on track and make great decisions.

Plus All This Bonus Content! (For A Limited Time)

Bonus Content     Bonus Content     Bonus Content

Bonus #1 - Winning the Debate!
(video edition - studio version)

If you are a chiropractor and you speak up or speak out at all, you have found yourself in debates! Dr. Gentempo has had numerous live debates over the course of his career... some of them pretty explosive. As he says, "If you can't win the chiropractic debate, you can't win at practice." In this rare video, Dr. Gentempo explains the key elements of the debate that supports chiropractic and how to apply them so you have full confidence to walk into any situation where what you do may be questioned and shine.

Bonus #2 - The Purpose of the Practice
(video edition - studio version)

If you were asked, what's the clear purpose of your practice... how would you respond? Answering this question is NOT easy and is also absolutely critical to practice success. With regard to this, Dr. Gentempo is quoted as saying, "Too many DCs are in the marketplace with a fuzzy idea as to why their practice exists at all. When the purpose of the practice gets clarified, now everything can line up with it and like magic, there is this explosive growth and stability." This one video can and should literally change everything!

Bonus #3 - The Clear Goal for Every Patient
(video edition - studio version)

Another transformative video from Dr. Gentempo's more recent archives. Once you learn how to create the Purpose from video bonus #2, the next critical link in the chain is to define, The Clear Goal for Every Patient! When Dr. Gentempo worked in Project Double ($36,000 fee to join) and with his Mountain Top Masterminds (fees $5,000 - $15,000) - this is one of the key areas he focused on. There is too much fuzziness around these critical areas of practice and when it comes into focus, EVERYTHING gets better. This is a must-have bonus!

Bonus #4 - The Philosophy of Success
(video edition - studio version)

Success requires a philosophy - have you clearly identified your success philosophy? In this completely unique presentation, Dr. Gentempo lays out some startling concepts about the philosophy underlying success and then further guides you on how to clarify and document your own success philosophy. This one needs to be in your success library!

Bonus #5 - The Metamorphic Doctors Report
(video edition - studio version)

In any practice, the rubber meets the road in the Doctor's Report (Report of Findings). From the above bonus videos, you have determined The Purpose of the Practice, The Clear Goal for Every Patient, now it is time to translate that into a doctor's report that converts! What are the 4 dimensions that need to be a part of every report? What are the critical questions you must 'Socratically' ask that lead the patient to "yes". There is a ton of value here that will pay dividends for the rest of your career!


Okay, of course the amount of praise and feedback on Dr. Gentempo's presentations over the years could fill many pages. Below is just a small sampling (and these are 100% real) of the volumes of rave reviews Dr. Gentempo has received after giving just some of the presentations in Transform II.

MIND-BLOWING, Thank you!

Thank you Patrick, outstanding metaphor. Easy to communicate to patients.

Brilliant. I have felt this but never knew how to put it together to make an impact in people's understanding. Thank you.

Great presentation Patrick. A beautiful and succinct model...

Bravo - always a treat to hear you break it down for folks...

Wow, great presentation. I have been struggling with this issue for so long. It was very refreshing to hear you describe all the aspects. Thank you!

What a legend - very smart. Thanks for the knowledge.

Special Offer On Transform II (a note from Dr. Gentempo)

I sincerely want to get this information out to the entire profession and make it easy to consume.I have created a "no-brainer" package price for the whole TRANSFORM II collection. As I mentioned above, this should be a part of every DC's personal development and practice building library. First, let me give you the individual prices for each and then the special limited time 'package price' for the whole set.

Your Stand is Your Brand $97
The Clean Slate Process $147
Bring The Fire $97
Relationship Secrets for Chiro Couples $197
Finding Your Miles Davis $125
The Scientific and Intellectual Basis for Chiropractic - Part 1 $147
The Scientific and Intellectual Basis for Chiropractic - Part 2 $147
The Philosophy of Money $125
The Philosophy of Opportunity versus Distraction $125
Bonus #1 - Winning the Debate! $147
Bonus #2 - The Purpose of the Practice $125
Bonus #3 - The Clear Goal for Every Patient $125
Bonus #4 - The Philosophy of Success $125
Bonus #5 - The Metamorphic Doctors Report $125

Total value if purchased separately:
Transform II Package Price:
Limited Time Special Offer

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Only $497

There is enough information here to keep you tuned-in for years. You pay for it once and you own it forever.

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