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Dr. Patrick Gentempo,
CEO & Founder of
Action Potential Holdings
From: Patrick Gentempo, Jr., D.C.
CEO | Action Potential Holdings, Inc.
Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Subject:   Transform Your Life.

Dear Colleague,

Even though this message isn't about me, you should know that I am a chiropractor, have practiced chiropractic, have started multiple multi-million dollar businesses in the chiropractic profession, and have over 9,000 chiropractors on six continents that I have done business with. But as I said, this message isn't about me. It is about 3 things:

  1. Chiropractic
  2. YOU
  3. Core principles of success.

The inner-game of chiropractic is what makes the difference between being stuck or growing, being happy or stressed, helping lots of people... or not. 

  • I believe that creating a Success Library, a resource of learning and provocative materials, is a must for DC's who wish to create sustainable, large scale success.  
  • I also believe that this Success Library must be portable and untethered from the internet so you can access it anytime and anywhere. The more available it is, the more you will use it.
  • Further, I believe you need to use your Success Library weekly, if not daily. Even if it is only for 15 minutes at a time, using it regularly will radically change your future. That's a fact.

Changing your 'context' is what causes breakthroughs. After all the years I have spent working with DC's to help them with practice growth, this 'context' or 'state of mind' premise has become one of my summary conclusions. Context change is exactly what happens for many when they attend my live presentations. The categories (new patients, retention, etc.) of context vary greatly from presentation to presentation.

I performed an extensive review of my collection of recorded live presentations for the specific purpose of compiling the most powerful package of provocative, context changing information that is sure to open your mind and facilitate high impact practice growth. I call this package, "Transform".

My vision for Transform is to have the most critical things I have taught during my live presentations available in a convenient, at-your-fingertips, portable format. I envisioned leveraging technology to literally put this all in the palm of your hand. Transform is a powerful Success Library of 8 of the most important live presentations I have given over my career. They cover a critical range of topics for chiropractors ... as well I included a presentation from a very talented friend of mine. Transform includes a new special bonus video that I feel is one of the most important presentations for the chiropractic profession in the last 2 decades... and it's only available here. You can't follow me around everywhere, but now you can have some extraordinary content at your fingertips for less than what it would cost you for travel and tuition to a single seminar. We also have apps for Transform that will work with iPad, Droid, and Blackberry tablets. The Transform package will become the heart of your Success Library and result in you being positive, creative and growing.

Say YES to the Transform package. It is extraordinarily affordable and easy to implement. Say yes to adding habits, disciplines and procedures into your life that keep you motivated and make your practice much better. Join the ranks of the most successful chiropractors in the world today. We have a VERY special bonus and limited time special pricing for taking immediate action. This is easily affordable for ANY practice and should be a part of EVERY practice. But hey, I am biased... it's my material. Check it out and see what you think! Thanks for spending time here with me. I wish you great success.

Transforming chiropractors is my purpose in life.


Dr. Patrick Gentempo


The Transform
package includes:
The 5 Branches of Philosophy (Video)
Creating Purpose: The Key to Inspired Growth (Audio)
The 33 Principles: The Foundation of the Chiropractic Paradigm (Audio)
Wellness: Chiropractic's Final Frontier (Video)
Leadership Consciousness: Gaining the Sense of Destiny (Video)
It's In You: The Mindset, Orientation, and Strategies of the Prosperous Healer (Video)
The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem (Video)
The Critical First 2 Days (Video)

Transform consists
of the following:

The 5 Branches of Philosophy
(Video edition — Dr. Gentempo live from Total Solution)

This mind expanding presentation was my most requested product over the years because it is extremely comprehensive and lays down the foundational context for EVERYTHING else. Recorded live at the famed Total Solution boot-camp, the attendees who sat through this comprehensive game-changer, desired to revisit it! This is one of those timeless presentations that you will be enriched from with multiple viewings over years.

Creating Purpose: The Key to Inspired Growth
(Audio edition — Live with Dr. Gentempo)

Purpose is the engine that drives growth, success and fulfillment. I find too many DC's are working from survival mentality as compared to being purpose driven. Survival says — "I need new patients." Purpose says — "New patients need me!" This presentation will rally your energy and internal resources to step up and succeed.

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The 33 Principles: The Foundation of the Chiropractic Paradigm
(Audio edition — Live with Dr. Gentempo)

One of the greatest intellectual accomplishments in the history of the profession was the publishing of The 33 Principles in 1927 in Stevenson's "Chiropractic Textbook." I had only given this particular presentation in this way once and fortunately it was recorded. In this lecture, I explain the significance of The 33 Principles then review each one and interpret them in a 'modern' context. This will give new and richer meaning to what it means to be a chiropractor.

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Wellness: Chiropractic's Final Frontier
Video edition — Live with Dr. Gentempo)

Wellness, especially in the context of what is happening in our culture relative to healthcare reform, is a topic that every DC should have deeply integrated into their thinking. This riveting presentation illuminates the very concept of wellness, and in very practical terms addresses how the concept of wellness and chiropractic practice integrate for a better and more profitable practice strategy.

Leadership Consciousness: Gaining the Sense of Destiny
(Video edition — Live with Dr. Gentempo)

There is no real success without leadership. Becoming a recognized healthcare leader in your community is a must. In this presentation, which I had only given one time, I review the attributes of powerful leadership and give inspirational examples from a long line of effective, historical, leaders.

It's In You: The Mindset, Orientation, and Strategies of the Prosperous Healer.
(Video edition — Live with Dr. Gentempo)

Another lecture that I had only given one time, I present to an enthusiastic audience the argument that all the attributes for ultra-success resides within you. Also, an added bonus that was met with phenomenal feedback was my review at the end of the lecture where I present how to organize your day to achieve outrageous results. This strategy alone is worth more to you than the entire Transform package!

The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem
(Video edition — Live with Dr. Gentempo)

In this video, I present the legendary work of my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Nathaniel Branden. This seminal work in self-esteem is not only at the foundation of my success in business, but also responsible for my personal, profound experience of happiness.

It not only has helped me greatly improve my career, but it has made me a better father, husband and friend. No person should be in the field facing the challenges of owning a successful practice and striving for a fulfilling personal life without learning the profound system of the 6 pillars of self-esteem.

The Critical First 2 Days
(Video edition — Live with Dr. Troy Dukowitz)

Dr. Troy Dukowitz, who with his wife Leah runs a VERY successful non-insurance dependent practice and also is one of the top chiropractic coaches in the profession today. Dr. Troy does a phenomenal job taking you through the all-important Day 1/Day 2 process for new patients. In this video, you are not 'told' how to do this. You are 'shown' how to do this because the material is presented in role play format.

Dr. Troy actually works with a patient through the process so you can see how it is REALLY done. With the incredible new headspace you are guaranteed to have after going through the Transform package, there is no doubt that you will be able to learn from and execute on these new strategies in breakthrough ways. The results of this information alone impacting just one patient is worth more than the whole package.

BONUS Content


BONUS: THINK! (Live with Dr. Gentempo)

Bonus Content     Bonus Content     Bonus Content

"The most important presentation in chiropractic in the last 2 decades." This is Dr. Gentempo's reply when he is asked about THINK!. "To be clear, the importance I ascribe to the THINK! presentation is not about me as the presenter... it is about the critical nature of the information that is being presented." Chiropractic has entered an era where we have a pretty serious identity crisis. What is the clear purpose of your practice? What is the clear goal for every patient that comes in to see you? What is the motivation behind everything you think and say in your practice? In this crucial live presentation in front of thousands of DCs', Dr. Gentempo with passion and intelligence, presents the systematic and logical case for chiropractic, using modern scientific references and traditional chiropractic premises. No DC can watch this and not be moved. What you see in the mirror will become clearer. What you say to your patients will be more powerful. The passion for what you do will reach new heights.


Rave Reviews

Below is just a small sampling (and these are 100% real!) of the volumes of rave reviews Dr. Gentempo has received after giving just some of the presentations contained in APH's Transform package:

I'm still at a loss for words! Amazing, poignant, emotional, shocking, passionate... just a few that pop to mind right now. But still, the biggest impact was delivered by Dr G's opening allocution Thursday morning: "When was the last time that you truly challenged yourself?

My wife Tami was so inspired this weekend. She said to me, "Every time that I hear Patrick speak, he changes my life!

This presentation not only provided me with riveting information to take to our patients but it also introduced opportunities and growth that have changed my life.

I grew in so many ways. I can't believe how different I was when I left. I can look back now and see the changes I made and challenges I overcame. I love who I am today.

My purpose has never been clearer. My love for chiropractic has never been stronger.

I just wanted to say that you changed my life on Saturday so profoundly that is why I was crying. I was embarrassed that it was coming out of me, but it was uncontrollable. I appreciate YOU that you brought that fire back into my belly for chiropractic!

The lecture was by far the greatest gift from the Conference. I came home, remembering your words and began creating changes in my life that are "lifting me up" in the blessings of this great work of true service.
Thank you.

What Does
Transform Cost?

I sincerely want to get this information out to the entire profession — not only to those who attended my seminars. I have created a "no-brainer" package price for the whole Transform collection. As I mentioned above, this should be a part of every DC's personal development and practice building library. First, let me give you the individual prices for each and then the special limited time 'package price' for the whole set.

The 5 Branches of Philosophy $500
Creating Purpose: The Key to Inspired Growth $95
The 33 Principles: The Foundation of the Chiropractic Paradigm $95
Wellness: Chiropractic's Final Frontier $125
Leadership Consciousness: Gaining the Sense of Destiny $125
It's In You: The Mindset, Orientation, and Strategies of the Prosperous Healer $125
The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem $125
The Critical First 2 Days $225
THINK! $195

Total value if purchased separately:
Transform Package Price:
Limited Time Special Offer

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